Pests Beware; Exterminator On His Way

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Fortunately for distressed property owners and their incoming exterminators, most pests will not be getting this message tonight. Apart from the fact that they are far too busy raiding the cupboards and defecating left, right and center, they simply cannot read. But sure enough the dedicated exterminators fort myers consultants can. They received the distressed property owners’ messages loud and clear.

The exterminators got their messages sure enough. The callout message was quite explicit. There seems to be a plague of rats going down in someone’s basement. Someone’s foundations are falling apart; this is a clear sign of termite infestation. The folks’ vegetable garden patch is a right, royal mess. They seem to suspect that blind moles could have popped up from under the ground to do a bit of nibbling.

Not nibbling, more like a case of chowing, actually. And no matter what a person does to keep the kitchen clean, the next morning it is a mess. There may not be crumbs, but there are brown spots everywhere. It is really yucky. Telltale signs that cockroaches have been at it again. And instead of going back into their holes, they do their business right there, right on the kitchen sink. It is disgusting!

So by the time the exterminator is racing on his way, he’s already got the right tools packed in. He knows what’s coming and he knows what to do next. But do they know what’s coming? Not a clue. And that’s the way it’s going to be from now on until they are all gone, dead and buried, never to return. So, moles excepting because you’ll know that they really can’t, if there are any pests out there that can read, well, you’d best beware.